Feedback from a student visiting Tilley Farm

Just wanted to say thank you so much for last week, it was brilliant. I learnt loads and it was so nice to be around some like-minded people. TTeam is just so useful and really exciting how it takes the assessment of and approach to an animal to a whole new level. Watching the horses being worked was actually a pleasant experience rather than me feeling uncomfortable with the methods. I realised I had become quite disillusioned with the various forms of horsemanship, but was so inspired by coming to Tilley Farm that I bought some poles on my way back from Somerset to start practicing the groundwork immediately!

Feedback from the owner of a competition horse

Thank you so much for your time today. As always we found it fascinating and are hugely impressed by how much you have achieved in such a short time. Our young boy looks like a different horse. I was so pleased to see him stretching his neck forward and working through his body.

Feedback from the owner of a young mouthing dog 

Sorry it has taken me a few days to get around to emailing you.  Thank you so much for your help and advice with J on Tuesday, it really was great and I have been working further with him since then which has been fun.  Already there's a marked improvement on his recall.

The techniques to help overcome the mouthing issue has been much better already - we did a big walk today in a large wood where there were a lot of people and actually getting them to pat his shoulders rather than his head. As a family it is still a learning curve in getting everyone to remember that J has a volume control that they affect when patting, shouting etc etc but we are getting there.

Tuesday has really helped me also feel a lot more confident that I am on the right lines with him and that I am doing right by him and his development. He is such a lovely boy and I now view the 'training' work that you taught me on Tuesday not a task but as more of an activity that both him and I can do to have a better relationship and understanding - a better more positive way of communicating, setting boundaries etc for him that he can clearly understand and enjoy.

Feedback from a client with a nervous Cob

Yesterday I walked across the field to collect C. I called him and to my amazement he started walking towards me (he has not done that for a while now). I placed the head collar on him without any resistance. His eyes were so relaxed looking and he appeared very calm, we walked all the way back to his stable and he was just so different!  I went into his stable, my daughter used the wand and did what you showed me to do and I did TTouches on his neck and head, he even let me do his ears. He was really calm and almost went to sleep. We both were just amazed at how different he was,(no biting, pushing or kicking the door)  I felt much more confident as well.

Feedback from the Greyhound Rescue West of England

We are hoping you may be able to fit in a session for the GRWE dogs sometime.
Diamond made the most progress I have ever seen a dog make last time we came. He is a lovable thug but he became incredibly soft and relaxed and we have tried to continue with it as much as we can in our amateur way. He is a far more homeable dog as a result.

Thank you so much for the help you have been giving our dogs. I know I keep saying it but is amazing!!

Feedback from Client Morning

I just have to tell you Sarah that we have seen a huge difference in Sid of  late. He went to our Christmas Fair last week and coped beautifully. This week he went to Greyhound Playgroup and again was relaxed and managed brilliantly. He would have been a nightmare a few months ago. The only thing that has changed in his life recently is having TTouch! That says it all!

Feedback from a TTouch lecture/workshop for a veterinary physiotherapy course

Just to say a big thank you for yesterday.  We all enjoyed it immensely.  Students have new skills to incorporate into their practice and I am going to invest in some wrapping bandages so that I can start working with them on my patients.

Feedback from a participant on a TTouch workshop for dogs

I have been implementing some more of your suggestions with S and she is doing well, but I really wanted to let you know the latest on P (the dog I brought to the workshops).

We went on hols to Wales last week - 5-6 hours in the car and he does not travel well at all, panting and whining constantly. I have been doing ongoing t-touch with him of course but still was not expecting much from him to be honest. Well, I popped his thunder shirt on and he travelled all the way without getting overly stressed and we heard not even a squeak from him (and yes we did stop for breaks - it's ok!).

He also coped really well with being away from home and met many dogs with very little leash reactivity at all. He is actually learning how to exercise some self control and make good choices, all of which helps with his day-to-day experience of the world so we are now in the opposite of a vicious circle (whatever that is !?!). His handling continues to improve also - today I bathed him and was able to wash his paws (normally he growls if I touch them) - I have been using a watercolour brush on them and it seems to have really helped. He's even happy now for me to stroke him as a reward - a major step for a dog who used to shy away from any hand-to-body contact.

Anyway, I was so chuffed about the holiday and so proud of him I just HAD to let you know as yet another success for you (and TTouch).

Feedback from the owner of a reactive dog

I took O to the park today after training, he is progressing so quickly now I’m really enjoying it.  I obviously had to have him muzzled, but I left him off the lead and he ran around and for the most part spoke nicely to the dogs that he met - luckily with that muzzle there is still space for him to lift his lips and signal another dog if he felt threatened - which he did do a few times - which is a great improvement to what he would normally do (fly at them.)

He kept coming back to me when he felt unsafe and even had a nice romp with a little jack russell type dog.  The biggest progress I noticed was that on a few occasions he approached a person on his own and just softly sniffed at their leg and then carried on walking - I was very aware of his body language – and his recall is 99% proof so when I saw him go I left him as he was in a very chilled mood (not shut down).

He even went up to a guy that was sitting in a chair and softly sniffed the back of his neck then went round to the front of him for a closer look and sniffed his feet, I did warn the guy to please not try touch him however and called him back before Oscar realised what he just did and got a fright, but he was in such a gentle mood (he actually is a very gentle dog when not under threat...) a few times when he went to people they reached out to touch him he sometimes allowed their hands over him and if it freaked him out he just dodged away but didn’t turn and react to them at all - a month ago he would have blown a fuse.... such a different dog and so quickly...

This work is so exciting!

Feedback from a dog owner after working with Practitioner Jenni Roberston

I heard about TTouch from a lady who came into the shop I work in.

We talked about a young Boxer bitch I had taken on, who had serious fear/stress issues around people. She was fearful of being touched, and very reactive near people out walking. We wondered if TTouch would help.

With her help I found Jenni Robertson, a local canine practitioner with whom I made an appointment. It was the best thing I could have done.

During this first appointment we found that she was holding a lot of tension through her hind quarters and face. Jenni did some TTouch with her, and we did some groundwork exercises in the garden including the labyrinth, different surfaces and the weave cones. Even in that first session we could she her start to relax.

Jenni showed me several TTouches to work on, and left me some useful leaflets.

I then went shopping for various poles and bits for the groundwork, and hit the internet and bought a couple of books

The difference in my young bitch in the first few days was unbelievable. We did lots of short groundwork sessions, and did TTouches, concentrating on her face/head and on her hindquarters and tail, (especially in the evenings) along with general all over TTouches. We could feel her hindquarters were softer after just a few days and her face started to lose the worried look.

People at dog training and at the dog shows started to notice a difference in her after a couple of weeks.

We have had a couple more sessions over a couple of months, and things are still improving.

We love the groundwork in the garden as she really enjoys it. She cant wait to get out there when she sees me setting the equipment up in the garden.

Her confidence has grown over time, (she passed her Bronze Good Citizens Award) and will now stand to let people touch her without it being such a stress issue. Walking her is getting better as we now have the tools to help her through scary moments without putting more pressure on her, little TTouches like the zigzags that we can do out on walks to help her relax. The bodywrap has been a useful tool here too.

We know that it is a work in progress, but Jenni and TTouch  have show us a way to move forward at a time when I was starting to feel like I couldn’t help my bitch overcome her fears We have a real bond now which is strengthened by the time we spend doing the TTouches.

She is now a much happier dog and I am a much happier owner.

Feedback from a TTouch Demonstration for a dog training club

I just wanted to thank you so much for the TTouch demo on Saturday! It was just fabulous and we have had so much wonderful feedback (and I am sure more is to come in the classes tomorrow too)! Everyone, including the dogs, loved it!

Feedback from a TTouch Talk at an International Conference

I should be writing a proper letter but please forgive me for not doing so.  I wanted to reach you early to say a huge and very grateful thanks for all that you did to make the Conference so interesting, stimulating, informative. I couldn’t be more grateful.

The delegates make one feel quite humble and it is quite astonishing how much they achieve with so little.   Your talk is always one at the top of their list and I am sure there are hundreds of much happier and calmer animals around the world as a result of your talk.

Feedback from a TTouch Demonstration organised by the Irish Horse Welfare Trust

At last I have a few moments to put pen to paper to thank you and the IHWT for a hosting the TTouch demonstration in Brittas Bay on 23/08/2008. I was delighted when you suggested that I travel with my TB ‘Brando’ and Sarah would use him for the TTouch demonstration. The journey from Cork took 5.5 hours, during which I commented many times to my friend – this better be worth it – it’s a hell of a journey !!.

Well, it exceeded all my expectations!. From the initial welcome, the superb location,  to the friendly and chatty fellow attendees (who thought Brando was a handsome gentleman – what a lovely thing to say – I was so proud of him!) And all this before I met Sarah !

What a charming lady, she was absolutely brilliant. It was so refreshing to listen to her. She imparted so much knowledge, observations and stories to support her way of thinking.  I hope the other attendees found her assessment of Brando as intriguing as I did. At times, you could hear a pin drop !!

It was also great to see TTouch in action, in particular how the horse responds and how quickly everything changes ! I have being doing some body work on Brando since the demo. I find it very satisfying when he lowers his head, blows out and licks his lips: our relationship has deepened already.

A few days later I took him to a flatwork lesson with a dressage instructor. Sarah did some body work on him and suggested that I do TTouch  on him before I put on his saddle – this I did. This instructor has been working with me and Brando for the last few weeks as I am only just back in the saddle after our fall. At the end, he commented how much more fluid his canter was. I was absolutely delighted, it gave me a great incentive to stay using TTouch and an appetite to learn more !

My thanks to everyone involved in organising the day. The success of the day is testimony to the hard work involved by everyone in planning and delivering the event. In particular, I would like to thank yourself and Sarah and I look forward to meeting you both again.

Feedback from one of our Trainee Practitioners

Thanks for your advice the other day, it worked brilliantly!

I'm seeing quite big changes in the dogs i'm working with at the Sanctuary, especially K, She's been absolutely traumatised and you couldn't get near her. While I haven't done any "hands on" work with her yet, I’ve been able to touch her all over with a wand and she becomes quite relaxed and on a number of occasions now has fallen asleep only 2 feet away from me! And all this is inside her pen too. This is the dog that did the neurotic rocking back and forth if anyone got within 10 feet of her.

She greats me really enthusiastically at the door to her run (before when a human approached she would bolt to the back of her pen and stare at them) and has even come up to me while I've been doing air circles with the wand and touched and sniffed my hand (i feel this is a huge step for her). It’s fantastic.

Feedback from the owner of a puppy with a disability

I came to see you, after you were recommended by someone at my vets surgery for our puppies.  There were 2 in the litter that had been causing me concern, I took the two puppies to the vets, and after much discussion, one was sadly put to sleep, we returned home, with the terrible feeling that I would be returning with the other one, but while I was at the vets TTouch was recommended to me.

We made a day for a visit and my husband and I came over with 2 puppies.  Well you worked your magic on the puppy and after showing me what to do I returned home.

I carried out the TTouch work and something fantastic happened, he started to improve.

I am so pleased to tell you that he now has a new home and is a very spoilt member of his new family. The new owner has arthritis and tells me that having this dog makes her more mobile, so when you worked wonders on our pup he went on to work wonders with a person too.

What I want to say is thank you.

Feedback from re-homing centre cat workshops with Jacqui Carter

Just wanted to say thank you for your recent workshops at the re-homing centre - I've been using the TTouches and they really do work!!  The training came in very handy yesterday as there is now an outbreak of cat flu and there were a total of 35 cats in isolation because of that.  A number of them were obviously frustrated and miserable at being locked in all the time, and the hot weather certainly didn't improve their mood.

I found that the Abalone TTouch was excellent at calming down energetic kittens (who want to be in ten places at the same time) as well as adult cats who appear to be quite conflicted or scattered - the sort that are desperate for love and attention but who are also wary of strangers and still unsettled in the shelter environment. 'Sneaking' in some TTouches at the start of each session is getting easier, and when the cat eventually slows down enough to be still for a few moments, I am able to apply a more deliberate series of TTouches.  A funny thing happened in the Chill Out Room yesterday - when I'd come to the end of Gypsy's session and sat on the sofa, filling in her behaviour card, she sat on the floor directly in front of me and looked at me the whole time I was writing. When I looked up from my writing, she had this sweet little expression on her face as if asking, "Please, can I have some more???

Thank you again for all your help.

Feedback from a Dog Workshop at a Re-homing Centre

I just wanted again to say thank you so much for coming to the centre and for sharing your knowledge with us all . You left us all feeling very positive about carrying on what we have learnt over the last 3 days . I have had several emails and texts today and this evening saying how much they enjoyed the seminar and wanting to know when you will be back next . Please do have a look and let me know when you are free next year for another seminar .

Could you also pass on my thanks to the other practitioners , everyone was lovely and so willing to pass on their skills