Tellington TTouch Practitioner Training Clinics

The training clinics are five days long and we have added three day modules for people who cannot take much time away from home or work. The cost for the clinics and modules does not include food or accommodation.  The two training programmes are different and qualifying as a Companion Animal Practitioner does not enable you to work with equines and vice versa.

As Tellington TTouch is a unique training system that recognises that all beings, both animal and human, are individual and learn at a different pace from each other it does not make sense to organise the training clinics in a rigid frame work.  This means that the training programmes are ongoing enabling you to join any of the Practitioner Training clinics or modules at any time. We find that this mixed-level learning approach is highly beneficial for all the participants.  Newcomers to the clinics appreciate working alongside participants who have more experience and those who are further along in their training value working with and supporting people that are new to the work.

It is not possible to attend two training clinics close together unless there are exceptional circumstances or you have enrolled for a Companion Animal Training and an Equine Training.  The circumstances that may enable you to attend two companion animal training clinics close together might be that you have an in depth knowledge of handling and working with a wide variety of dogs and are travelling a significant distance from abroad to attend the clinics.  Participants are discouraged from attending two training clinics close together as there is only so much information that you can take on board and it is the time spent in between the trainings when you are working on your own that will enable you to practice your skills.